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Shunyuan and Longyuan Textile came to the top

Shunyuan and Longyuan Textile came to the top

Company news
2018/12/07 21:49
In Youxi County, Fujian Province, which is known as the China Textile Base, there are two well-known transfer and upgrade enterprises. The same shareholders, two factories, Fujian Shunyuan Textile Co., Ltd. and Longyuan Textile Co., Ltd. broke ground in April 2011. After seven years of wind and rain, the company is located in Chengxi Garden, Economic Development Zone, Youxi County, Sanming City. It covers an area of more than 500 mu and has a construction area of over 300,000 square meters. The company mainly produces pure cotton, cotton and viscose blended, cotton and pure polyester blended, human cotton yarn, pure crepe, slub yarn, core yarn, double twisted yarn, blended yarn (polyester and sticky), cotton yarn, pure polyester Yarn and other series of products have invested more than one billion yuan to build a spinning yarn production line of 500,000 spindles. The products are sold at home and abroad and become a "black horse" in the Chinese textile industry. Recently, in the National Textile Industry Park Conference held, Shunyuan Textile Director Zheng Fengyuan was awarded the honorary title of outstanding contribution to the construction of the national textile park in 2018.
First, why did you choose Youxi? What attracts investors' attention?
At present, the domestic industrial transfer is mainly a superposition of the three factors. The first is the market element. Industrial transfers tend to shift to places adjacent to the product market. The second is the policy element, the industrial transfer, mainly relying on local policy dividends. The third is the human resources factor. Due to changes in the labor market, human resources elements have become the first choice, shifting to provinces with abundant human resources. At present, the trend of industrial transfer in the country has gradually shifted from the policy elements of industrial transfer from Xinjiang to those in the central and western regions. So what is the angle of the Yuxi industry transfer? The reporter interviewed Zheng Fengyuan, the general manager of Shunyuan Textile Co., Ltd., who was born in Changle and told reporters in Changle. On the eve of the preparation of the textile factory, he visited many places. The Yibin City, Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other areas in Sichuan left his footprints. Why did the transfer land finally choose to go to Youxi? Mainly because of the convenient transportation of Youxi, it is only one hour's high-speed train ride with Changle Town. Youxi is a region with abundant labor and a base for Chinese textiles. The industrial chain is an important factor in the consideration of industrial transfer.
Second, the transfer is for the upgrade, and it is necessary to attack the jade.
China's textile industry has experienced vicissitudes of history for a hundred years, and it is developing today in China's textile industry. Entering this industry in 2011 is still relatively late. Then they take advantage of this. This advantage is the advantage that China's textile machinery has already taken the lead in the world. In the process of industrial transfer, they first consider upgrading as the first factor. In the industrial upgrading, we must have advanced equipment. In the selection of advanced equipment, in the domestic equipment selection, they choose the first-class equipment. Zheng Fengyuan believes that only first-class equipment can produce first-class products. He thinks this way. The company's equipment is equipped with high technology content. It adopts the most advanced spinning equipment at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of high speed, high performance, high quality, safety and energy saving. The spinning process is advanced: Comb combined unit → high speed draw frame → computer controlled roving machine → high efficiency spinning machine → imported automatic winder, already has complete high performance and high ring spinning, siro spinning, tight siro spinning, color spinning, etc. Technical textile capabilities. These equipments enable Shunyuan to have strong R&D capabilities and provide guarantee for high-quality development. At present, they are building the third phase of the expansion project. A number of textile machinery suppliers such as Lida, Tonghe, and Saurer, and Jinguang Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Creek, providing quality service for the next workshop.                                       
Third, people are the first element, and entering the factory door is a family.
The company adheres to the "people-oriented, establish a harmonious enterprise" cultural concept, establishes the "quality of today, tomorrow's market" quality concept, follows the "customer needs, the company's responsibility" service concept, hard work, hard work, create a better tomorrow for the company, The neatly arranged equipment that the reporter greeted in the workshop, such as the ceremonial staff, the textile workshop was clean and tidy, and the staff was full of spirit. In a corner, there is a lounge like a coffee house. General Manager Lin Jibao told reporters that this is a tea break room for employees, with a cup of water. Twenty-four hours of boiling water, elegant tables and chairs, there is a feeling of being at home. At the beginning of the project, the company recruited a large number of technical backbones throughout the country. They have both profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. The company also has a team of highly skilled and managerial leaders. In management, we firmly established the concept of people-oriented, established and improved various scientific management systems, and established a competition mechanism based on comprehensive evaluation of production, quality, energy consumption and safety by workshops and teams, and established excellent party members. For demonstration, the trade union organizes an employee entertainment system that guides, works happily, and lives in harmony. We can fully believe that the future of Shunyuan and Longyuan Textile will be more "shun" and the business will be more prosperous.


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