Address:Economic Development Zone of     Youxi County, Sanming City, Fujian Province


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  • Corporate vision
    Become the world's leading cotton textile company, creative and wonderful life!
  • Our Mission
    Committed to the development of high value-added products, create maximum value for employees, customers and shareholders, and sincerely give back and serve the community!
  • Enterprise spirit
    Dedication, teamwork, innovation!
  • Development Strategy
    Professional, international, lean, and differentiated!
  • Action plan
    1. Honest cooperation: We uphold the relationship of trust and responsibility.
    2. innovation and excellence: we pursue innovation that is valuable to the company and customers, and strive for excellence.
    3. customer orientation: We insist on rapid response to meet customer needs.
  • Code of conduct
    1. Constantly learn, put an end to inaction, and implement it into action.
    2. Adhere to the individual interests and obey the overall interests, and personal honors obey the group honors.
    3. Active collaboration, mutual help and mutual love, and common growth.
    4. Close to the market, tap customer needs, respond quickly, and never delay.
    5. Ensure product quality and high added value, and let customers use it in the first time.
    6. Capture innovative breakthrough points in each work detail and continue to improve.
    7. The real job is to think about problems, ask questions, and solve problems.
    8. The work is in place, do not make excuses, do not shirk, dare to correct.
    9. Save a drop of water, electricity, one liter of oil, one grain.
  • Core concept
    Provide quality products and services
    Complete various tasks correctly and effectively.
    Continuously complete the company's development goals
    Sincerely give back and serve the society


Tel: 86-598-6226222
Fax: 86-598-6209988

Address: Economic Development Zone, Youxi County, Sanming, Fujian, China