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Shunyuan Textile

Shunyuan Textile

shunyuanFujian Shunyuan Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Chengxi Garden, Economic Development Zone, Youxi County, Fujian Province. It is a provincial leading enterprise and high-growth enterprise of industrial and informationalization in Fujian Province. It is a production, processing and sales of high-performance and multi-functional yarns. As a large-scale textile production enterprise, the total design scale is 400,000 spindles, and the existing 260 spindles are in production. The company's production line is equipped with first-class spinning equipment at home and abroad, and passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. All product quality indicators reach Uster 5%-25%.
The company's production line has the characteristics of high-tech content, mechatronics, high speed, high performance, high quality, safety and energy saving. The overall layout is scientific and reasonable, and the life logistics facilities are complete. It is a modern textile enterprise with advanced equipment, high efficiency and high quality.
At present, the company has more than 1,000 employees, recruiting a group of skilled and R&D-capable product development backbones nationwide, and has established an experienced and motivated management team. There are 8 senior engineers and the total number of enterprise technology centers is 63 people, 85 college graduates or above. Shunyuan Company adheres to the people-oriented cultural concept, establishes and perfects various scientific management systems, and establishes an evaluation mechanism based on performance appraisal, full piece counting and comprehensive evaluation of individual work performance; it has established a comprehensive work attitude, work performance and management ability. The incentive selection mechanism of the scores; the establishment of a competition mechanism based on the comprehensive evaluation of production, quality, consumption and safety by workshops and teams; establishing a working and living mode of employees who are led by trade union organizations, happy work and happy life, and realized management Efficient and stable staff.
The overall layout of the company's construction is scientific and reasonable, and the living area and production area are independent of each other, complement each other and have complete facilities. The staff apartment is provided free of charge to all employees. Each apartment is equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, broadband, telephone, etc. It is equipped with living and entertainment facilities such as canteen, supermarket, entertainment room, basketball court, badminton hall and table tennis hall. The roads in the living area are spacious and tidy, surrounded by green trees, and the environment is comfortable and beautiful.
The company establishes a "people-oriented, establish a harmonious enterprise" cultural concept, adheres to the "quality of today, tomorrow's market" product quality concept, follows the "customer needs, the company's responsibility" service concept, unity and cooperation, advance with the times, and strive to the company Create a textile company that is excellent, create value for the society, and work with customers to achieve win-win results.


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Address: Economic Development Zone, Youxi County, Sanming, Fujian, China